Yacht Natalia

Natalia Beneteau Oceanis 41 yacht is our new yacht of modern design with extended stern, tilting platforms, vertical bow and premium equipment. Extended rear stern along with tilting platform are very interesting and attractive design elements. They expand the space around the rudder and tilted platform allows easy entry to and exit from the water. Big plotter of the GPS navigation provides a wealth of information relevant to the management of the ship. The plotter contains a depth gauge with graphical representations of the relief of the bottom of the sea or schools of fish. The plotter can also control radio stations of the on-board radio receiver. Above standard safety feature is the radar, which can also be controlled by the plotter. A life raft is a part of the ship. The main sail is reeled into the mast. Below deck there are 3 cabins for 6 people. Another two people can sleep in the lounge. An interesting design feature is a sliding navigation table. Its variability allows you to create a sitting area on the sides of the table or two places on one side or the other.

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Natalie is currently moored in the Marina Tankerkomerc - Zadar (Croatia).


Technical data

Design Finot – Conq & Associés
Interior layout and design Nauta Design
Length overall 12,38 m
Hull length 11,97 m
Hull beam 4,20 m
Light displacement (EC) 8 450 kg
Deep draught keel – standard 2,05 m
Shallow draught keel – optional 1,55 m
Air draught (max) 18,85 m
Max fuel capacity 200 l
Max water capacity 570 l
Engine power 40 HP – POD 60
Mainsail area 41,70 m2
Genoa area (104%) 42,10 m2
Asymmetric spinaker (optional) 130,00 m2
EC Certification requested A8 – B9 – C10