Yacht Charter - VELA YACHTING, s.r.o.

VELA YACHTING, s.r.o. operates as a mediating agent with a global presence in the field of recreational and sporting yachts. We offer journeys across the world`s seas and oceans on classic boats, catamarans and motor boats.
As a subsidiary of   CZECHOSLOVAK OCEAN SHIPPING GROUP   www.group-cos.com.

As graduates of the Naval Academy we organize theoretical and practical training of those interested in obtaining a yacht captain`s license at all levels, allowing independent operation of sea yachts, cruise and motor boats on seas and oceans around the world.

Read a few sentences about us ...

We are the ones, who besides maritime transportation and other combined transportation, are able to manage and control ships, sail with clients around the world`s seas and oceans, have established a polar station in Antarctica, several times crossed the USA on Harleys and of course build broad-spectrum trading company.

To the more demanding person nowadays, in the life of a busy full time entrepreneur, to be able to find "free time and space" for the enjoyment of yachting, catamaran or similar entertainment seems to be beyond the everyday functioning of the Bermuda Triangle of the human existence - in which we are all completely lost. Breaking out from the life between a mobile phone - a laptop or other pc communicator - a car, is very difficult.  We can arrange everything, we are able to deliver anything anywhere, we can solve almost everything, find and convey, refinance or organise, but we cannot stop and find time for ourselves ...  However, if you can manage that, then you are welcome on board of the yacht, catamaran, sail-boat, powerboat or the seat of a classic motorcycle and we will offer you a journey, that can be tailored to your tastes, or you can participate in our offer of alternatives to fulfil your dream ...